Our Policies

Violation of these rules and regulations may result in immediate discharge from the house.

Basic Rules*

*Please take time to review the full Rules & Regulations document before applying.

  • For the first 30 day you are to remain on premises, unless you're out looking for a job. Proof of your job hunting is to be provided. During this time you are expected to be working on your steps and must arrange a 12-step meeting attendance with another resident who is not on restriction.
  • You are required to attend at least five 12-step meetings per week, and have your meeting slip signed by a group member. Slips can't be signed by another resident of Sunlight of the Spirit House.
  • You must obtain a home group and a sponsor (you must provide a contact name and phone number) within the first week of residency, and this will be verified.
  • You must have the first three steps completed with your sponsor within your first month. You will have to discuss your experience with this to the house manager.
  • You are required to be employed full time, and you are not permitted to quit a job without first discussing it with the house manger. We do understand that you will not have a job immediately. You will need to be steadily searching for a job until you are employed.