About us

Sunlight of the Spirit Houses are sober living houses based in Lansdale and Hatfield Pennsylvania, for individuals who have completed treatment and wish to live in a sober environment. We are conveniently located in areas with good employment opportunities and access to public transportation. There are also many 12 Step meetings within close proximity as well as outpatient treatments services. Our structured environment is geared toward introducing our clients to a new design for living through the 12 steps. Our prices are affordable at only $215.00 a week, and a Intake deposit of $90.00.


Meet the house managers

Matthew Douglas

Matthew Douglas

Sober since January 14, 2008, I firmly believe in utilizing the 12 steps as primary means of my recovery from alcoholism and addiction. Since coming into the program I've had many amazing experiences such as joining the Navy and being deployed in 2009 and 2010. I have enjoyed a renewed relationship with family and friends, have traveled the world and practice the principles of this program in all my affairs. The blessings have been abundant including the ability to give back today.

Matthew Bartelt

Sober since June 7, 2007, I believe that the solutions for alcoholism and addiction can be found in working the 12 steps. I have dedicated the past 7 years to working with newcomers and guiding them through the 12 steps so they can have their own spiritual experience. Spending years in and out of institutions and jails from ages 12-22, I have had a profound change in perspective through my experience in the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous.


Brooke Shockley

After my last relapse at age 28 on New Years Eve of 2013 I realized I needed more help and turned to the 12 steps for a solution. Today with the support of my sponsor, a home-group, my loving family and fellowship I was able to use the program to totally commit to sobriety and learn to take personal responsibility for my life. Through spiritual growth I learned to respect myself and others. With recovery came the ability to have a successful job, a loving home and eventually my own family. With Sunlight of the Spirit I have the opportunity to use what I have learned to help others struggling with alcohol and drug addiction. I know the only way I can keep what I have gained is by passing this new way of life on to others.